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Super Summer Challenge

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Is another summer looming and you wonder what you'll do to keep your children happy and busy?

The Super Summer Challenge is the perfect solution! Learn how to inspire your children to cheerfully do many things you previously only WISHED they would! When they participate in the Super Summer Challenge they will:

  • learn new skills
  • be motivated in areas of self-discipline
  • discover how to look outside themselves
  • mature in sibling unity
  • form great habits that will last a lifetime

The Super Summer Challenge is a chart of challenges you create for your children to work on all summer in order to earn points, and (if they reach the goals you've set) receive a pre-determined prize or reward. Their goal, as they see it, is to earn the most points as quickly as possible so they can win the prize. Therefore, you can motivate them to choose particular challenges by awarding higher points for those things you most want them to do. The results are positively astounding!

The Challenge takes a few hours to prepare and gives your family three months of fun, learning and growing. The SSC helps them learn to enjoy being productive, to work toward a goal and reap the reward, to be content at home. It gives them satisfaction, builds self-esteem, helps them be well-rounded, motivates them, forms positive life-long habits, eliminates nagging, and so much more!

Super Summer Challenge    -    Linda Wicks    -    Quad-Cities, Iowa    -    www.supersummerchallenge.com    -    ssc.questions@gmail.com