CreateYour Best Super Summer Challenge
50 Free Boredom Buster Ideas!  
Are you needing more ways to create unplugged, purposeful and intentional moments?
Are you tired of hearing your kids tell you they don't know what to do?
Are you in need of a little peace while you make dinner or finish you project by the deadline?
Each of these ideas are simple and best of all ......they don't require endless supplies or resources!
  • Unplugged: None of these ideas require electronics
  • Purposeful: Your kids might learn something new
  • Intentional: It makes them feel special when you create fun moments
"Super Summer Challenge has become a tradition that helps me set aside
time to think about each child and what challenges I can use to help
them grow physically, mentally, or spiritually. I love it when they
are scattered about the house or outdoors enthusiastically working on
some aspect of their challenge. It is especially heart warming for me
when they are working together to earn points."
The Griffiths Family
Kansas City, MO
"Super Summer Challenge gives me much needed routine for the summer months yet allows plenty of time for spontaneous fun"
Noelle W.
Columbia, MO
"We look forward to our Super Summer Challenge every year!"
The Wicks Family
Kansas City, MO - All Rights Reserved